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Cloud Cadet Episode 8: Student Interview About AWS Certifications

Posted on April 25, 2016 by podcast motorpodcast motor

Today’s episode is hosted by Anthony James, founder of Linux Academy, and by AWS instructor and co-host, Christophe Limpalair. In this edition, we are joined by Thomas, a student based in Portland, Oregon, who has gone through and absolutely nailed the various AWS certifications through the use of Linux Academy.
Thomas has spent the last few months truly diving in AWS to brush up on his technical chops and learn how to be more technologically independent. He is been on the forefront of new technology for a while now, with his involvement in virtual reality, but with everyone migrating to cloud computing, he explains his thoughts about why AWS will be a big opportunity for growth shortly.
Thomas’s interest in AWS was sparked by wanting to what the forefront of hardware entailed, and by his desire to truly understand how the internet and the cloud work. He felt led to learn about AWS and discover more about its inner workings, which is what brought him to us at Linux Academy.
Today’s topics include:

  • Thomas’s involvement in the development of an OculusRift game
  • The best points to memorize to ace your certification
  • Why he powered through the exams as fast as possible
  • The importance of paying attention to detail
  • How to know when you’re ready to move on from a topic
  • Tips to getting through the exam effectively and efficiently
  • Thomas’s experience interacting with the LinuxAcademy community
  • Being inspired by other people’s success
  • His study process and how he prepares the night before

Thomas currently holds four certifications, has completed five of the courses and passed all three associate-level certifications – all in about 10 weeks time. It is safe to say his study methods are Linux Academy approved, as well.
That being said, our focus today is finding out the best tips and tricks that Thomas applied while preparing for his AWS certifications and exams. Not only will you discover one of the best techniques to solidify the information you’ve learned, but he gives expert advice about the most effective way to begin your exam, and much more!
Take advantage of the resources we have at Linux Academy so you can be prepared, too! Also, be sure to check out Christophe’s podcast, Scale Your Code


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