Amazon Web Services

Introducing the New AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate Course

The phone alert goes off… It is late at night, and the e-commerce site you are the administrator for is suffering performance issues.

Month of Success – April 2018

April was yet another exciting month for our students with 102 reported student passes!


The Linux find Command

We get so focused on the super advanced things that Linux can do, that we tend to forget about or glaze over the mundane.  Linux’s find command falls into that category for me.


Spring Content Releases – Final Recap

It’s the final day of our 70+ month of new Courses, Challenges, and hands-on Learning Activities!


Announcing – Using Salt for Configuration Management and Orchestration

Linux Academy has long offered looks into configuration management and remote execution tools, and we’re happy to announce that we’ve added Salt (SaltStack) to our roster of available DevOps courses.

Linux Academy Weekly Roundup 116

Celebrate student success with Linux Academy + Cloud Assessments!


Git ‘r Done

Another course that I was responsible for this quarter was an introductory course for Git.  I had used Git before, but mostly for downloading repositories and building what I had cloned.  I was excited about the opportunity to learn a bit more about this ubiquitous tool, seeing as nearly every open source project uses git […]

Skills-based Challenges for the real world

If you’ve ever played video games, chances are you’ve faced a boss as the final act of completing a level.


Announcing the NGINX Deep Dive

NGINX is the defacto standard when it comes to web servers.


How to Become A Cloud Foundry Certified Developer

Do you want to learn how to use Cloud Foundry?