Troubleshooting EC2

Troubleshooting EC2 Connectivity Issues

Learning AWS can be a very long and daunting experience. There are dozens of primary services, each with hundreds of features to learn. However, very few things can be more frustrating than having connectivity issue when trying to access a provisioned AWS resource, like an EC2 instance.  After all, you just spent hours learning about AMIs, instance types, IP addresses, user-data, storage volumes, security groups, and key pairs.  Now you just want to actually access the damn instance and have some fun with it. But as you try to access the instance, whether by SSH or HTTP, you get one of these dreaded errors: “access denied,” or “operation timed out,” or some other variation.  Regardless of the error – you can’t log-in.


Ok, so you vent a little bit – perhaps even yell at your computer.  Regardless of your frustration, you still need to figure out what is wrong.  With that in mind, I present some of the common (perhaps even simple) issues that cause many connectivity issues. (more…)

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Assess, Learn, and Earn With Cloud Assessments

You’re Not an Expert Until You Prove It: Try Cloud Assessments Free!

Linux Academy is excited to announce the free public beta launch of Cloud Assessments, a new platform that allows you to prove real, hands-on skills and earn Micro-Certifications. The first Cloud Assessments offerings focus on AWS, where you can now test real ability with performance-based assessments and learn with labs. (more…)

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Azure Header Background Image

Certification Paths for Microsoft Azure

In’s community, we’re periodically asked questions about how best to get certified in Microsoft Azure. Those questions range from what exams are needed and the steps to get certified, through which order the exams should be taken and what students should expect from the exams.

So let’s tackle all those questions here, starting with an overview of the core Azure certification exams.

At this writing, there are three central Azure certification exams. Each of them measures your understanding of Azure from a different viewpoint. (more…)

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AWS Rekognition

How Old Do I Look?

Most of us use AWS for work, but you can us it for fun too! In this post we are going to look at one of AWS’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) product offering – Rekognition.

Rekognition is a fully-managed service for image analyses. It can detect objects, scenes, and faces in images. You can even catalog the faces and then search through the pictures for the person you are looking for. Amazon uses its vast data store of images (which is why they allow you to save unlimited pictures if you have Prime) to train and improve the processing all the time, and the results are astounding. It can detect emotion, sunglasses, gender and even estimated age range of the person in the photo.

So let’s have some fun: Let’s get the profile photos of the Linux Academy team members and let Rekognition estimate their age. Now, unlike most ‘tech’ companies, we actually have female team members and I know better to bring up the age topic with a lady so we are going to make sure that we do not scan their images. (more…)

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Windows + Linux

About That Steve Ballmer Comment …

Search the Internet for “Microsoft and Linux.” Go ahead; open a new tab and run that term through Bing. *rimshot* I’ll wait.

Notice a common thread? I sure do. Virtually every top result harkens back to 2001, the year that Steve Ballmer is credited with calling Linux “a cancer.”

For nearly two decades, Microsoft waged a holy war against Linux – I’ve actually had Microsoft employees tell me that the first thing they learned from Redmond were the evils of open source – until 2015, when Microsoft declared its love of Linux and later went on to join the Linux Foundation.

When you consider the circumstances, however, it’s not at all surprising. (more…)

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