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OpenStack Online Training | New November Releases

Posted on November 13, 2018 by OliviaOlivia

Thanks for following along as we launch 200+ new Courses, Hands-On Labs, and Practice Exams/Quizzes this month, we’re excited to announce new OpenStack online training! So far we’ve released:

With over 200 new pieces of training content launching this month, it’s the perfect time to start learning with Linux Academy. Stay tuned for new Containers, DevOps, Big Data, Linux, and Enterprise Platform Updates!

New OpenStack Online Training Courses

OpenStack online training - OpenStack and Containers

OpenStack and Containers

with Amy Marrich
Learn what containers are and why you want to use them, as well as use cases for containers and where containers fit within OpenStack, from running containers on OpenStack to running OpenStack within containers.
After taking this Course, you’ll understand:

  • How and why OpenStack can be deployed on Containers
  • How Containers can be used within an OpenStack environment
  • How to implement your own OpenStack solutions utilizing OpenStack-Ansible, Kolla, and Devstack

OpenShift on OpenStack

OpenShift on OpenStack

with Treva Williams
Learn how to combine the power of OpenStack – the premier Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform that provides the administrator with a beautifully simplified way to manage virtual machines, software-defined networks, block storage, object storage & more, with OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service software.

Hands-on Labs in this Course:

  1. OpenStack Installation using PackStack
  2. Build a Network with OpenStack Neutron
  3. Create a Virtual Machine
  4. Add a Compute Node
  5. Configuring Authentication in OpenShift
  6. OpenShift ACLs
  7. Building a Pod on OpenStack
  8. OpenShift Operations


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