jQuery Mobile is a software framework that allows you to create HTML5 and JavaScript based web applications with little need for software development experience. jQuery Mobile does the “heavy lifting” software development for you and allows you to immediately start developing web based applications with just a few lines of code. jQuery Mobile provides API integration into its software which gives greater control to you, the software developer, while building applications.

The software is a brand new framework which reached version 1.0 and left beta testing in the last half of 2011. jQuery Mobile makes it easy to start your web application by including several lines of template source code in to your .html page. The applications will also work on desktop computers which have the most modern browsers installed, such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or IE 9+.

What is a framework?
A software framework is a collection of different programming languages combined together and made accessible to the end user (you) through the use of an API. jQuery Mobile as a whole is a framework made of up HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. All of these are scripting languages that run inside of web browsers.

The jQuery Mobile framework cannot run as a single application; it runs as an application within a browser window.

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