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Mobile Updates: Supported OS Versions and Community Groups

Posted on September 24, 2019 by Matthew PhilpotMatthew Philpot

Hello there, to all my fellow Linux Academy-ans. I know that isn’t really a word, but I’m going to go ahead and add it to our official ‘LA Dictionary’. Let’s define it as: “Any person that believes in bettering the world, taking great pride in the work they do, and striving to learn and share their experiences/knowledge with those around them.” See also: ‘learning legends’, which is what we consider all the amazing people like you, that we get to help each and every day.

Alright, you didn’t come for our jokes, though we do have many, you came for the mobile update! Another fast-paced month has come and gone, and we’re excited to share the latest and greatest developments from the ‘LA Mobile Team’.


Mobile Update versions: Android TV and tvOS

In my last blog post, I touched on us starting new development on new apps for tvOS and AndroidTV/FireTV. Those plans have, temporarily, been delayed by another very important project. But don’t fret; we haven’t forgotten about how passionate you all have been in letting us know you want the TV apps. As always, I will keep you updated on the status of this much-requested project, but currently, it looks like we won’t be starting development until the new year. Sorry 🙁

The project that’s replacing it though, is just as pivotal in my opinion.


Community Groups

Yes! We are planning a (very much) improved version of the current community on Linux Academy. You’ll be able to create groups, post threads, and messages. We are envisioning a mobile experience just has intuitive as a few other notable social discussion websites/apps.

We are currently in the design phase, so I can’t share any screenshots yet. You can look forward to those in the next post! I’ll say though that it has me very excited. This is the first project for mobile that we’ve been given full access to the design team to help us come up with the best experience possible.


Raising minimum supported OS version

To begin with, I have to say I wasn’t sure how to word this without sounding big and imposing. But this is important and we know it will definitely impact a lot of people. We are dropping support for the oldest versions of iOS and Android that we currently support. Those versions include 9.3.5 and 4.4, respectively. As we continue to implement new and exciting features, we have slowly come to the realization that supporting these old versions is simply causing more and more problems. To alleviate further issues, we are focusing on the later and greater operating systems.

For example, prior to Android 5.0 (or 5.1), security was a little bit like the wild wild west. Dropping KitKat (4.4) will allow us to maintain our elevated security standards without having to make compromises just to be able to support older versions of Android.

So now, the most important question; when will this transition take place? And the answer to that is October 21st, 2019. Starting with the release on that date (and all following releases), we will no longer support the above-mentioned versions of iOS and Android.


Mobile Update of the future

Planning for the remainder of the year is fairly straight-forward for us. Our main focus and highest priority will be on Community Groups. Our small team limits the amount of high-quality work we can do at one time, but we always still strive to bring new features to you, our Linux Academy’ans, on a regular basis. Keep an eye out for all that’s coming in the future for both free and paid users.

To sum it up, we’re continuing to look for ways we can implement changes that dramatically improve your learning experience, without creating confusion from multiple changes at once. I like to say, and this is always true, that all of this would not be possible without the passion and support we receive from everyone. We continue to do this because we love it, and we love helping you succeed. In fact, I think the definition of Linux Academy-ans at the top not only describes our learners but also our employees.

Until next time, download the app for iPhone HERE

and for Google Play HERE





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