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jQuery Mobile Forms Part 2

Posted on November 24, 2011 by Anthony James Founder/CEOAnthony James Founder/CEO

This screencast is the second part of our jQuery Mobile forms example. We are going to pull in the main elements from the jQuery Mobile documentation and build a working form. We will pass the data from the jQuery Mobile form page to the result page and display the results with PHP. The source is available via the “download” link and also on Git Hub.

Download Source


Image of Daniel
9 years ago

I think what you are doing is brilliant! I like it when you err and than fix it! I gives the greatest insight.

Image of Brian
8 years ago

Love the tutorial. Very helpful. Can you do a 3rd tutorial that extends this even further.
1. I have a long form and would like to separate it out so my form is on multiple pages.
2. I’d also like to have the answers to the form submitted to an email inbox.
Any chances of me getting a further explanation on how to do this?

Image of Anthony James Founder/CEO
Anthony James Founder/CEO
8 years ago

Brian Absolutely,
Any chance I could get you to write up this request on the pinehead community? . I could work on it this week for you.


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