jQuery Mobile has rocked the web with an easy way of quickly developing mobile applications. Not just mobile web apps but using PhoneGap you can build native applications that can be downloaded in the available app stores. jQuery Mobile can be as flexible as you want it to be, but out of the box it’s built to quickly launch your applications with pre-built design templates or using the jQuery Mobile theme roller.

Below is a detailed plan that will help you learn jQuery Mobile and all the possibilities. Use it as a reference guide when your looking to figure something out or trying to determine if there is something you can do in jQuery Mobile. If your looking for a tut that is not here, please request it in the comments and we’ll look into making it.

jQuery Mobile 1.1 & 1.2

Introduction to jQuery Mobile

Do More With jQuery Mobile

Advanced jQuery Mobile Topics

jQuery Mobile Forms


12 responses to “jQuery Mobile Development Guide”

  1. Zaheer ahmad says:

    Hey Anthony sir u did a very gud job for newbies.one thing i needed can u make a toturial on jquerymobile communication with restservices.thnx in advance

  2. James says:

    Thanks for the tutorials!

  3. […] mobile apps, and mobile websites in no time flat. In fact, we here at Pinehead have an entire jQuery Mobile development guide that will get you started from complete newbie to expert jQuery Mobile […]

  4. Dave says:


    Can you maybe teach us (if it is possible) to make the buttons transparent by using some kind of opacity?

    That would real;y be great, i have been searching the net for hours and i can’t seem to find any solutions



  5. Hey that is a good post & a good set of conversations too. Keep sharing, that is good…

  6. Ben Sperry says:

    Hey Anthony,

    Thanks for putting this together, you did a great job. It’s a nice list of references for people just getting started.

    I created an interface-building tool for jQuery Mobile called Codiqa (shameless plug). Basically, I wanted to make it easier for visually mocking-up jQM/HTML5 mobile components with a simple drag-and-drop system. Codiqa will generate all the jQM code for you so you don’t have to code it by hand. I’d love to see it added on resource! 🙂



  7. rick m says:

    you keep mentioning a template in your videos. Where can I find that? Also, I think a brief description of your environment (code editors, simulators) would be helpful

    great work


  8. T says:

    Physician. Opinion needed.

    Little knowledge of JS and HTML CSS. Would like to create a few medical apps. Should I go and learn Appcelerator? or Should I go jquery and Phonegap?

    I would be absolutely flattered if you responded. I am a Noob and I would like to get out of reading JS the Definitive Guide if I can.

    • Anthony James says:

      Really it comes down more to the API’s available for each and the interface design elements available for you out of the box. That’s what I’d look at when comparing which platform to use.

      1.) Does phonegap have the design elements you like?
      2.) Does phongap have the native api’s available to your app?

      Ask the same thing for appcelerator.

  9. TEMortimer says:

    You sir are a saint. Thank you for making so many guides. Please continue to make these, they are great. I would love more content on combining custom css and scripts when using jQuery Mobile. Again, thanks a million. Keep up the great work.

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