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jQuery Mobile: Default Back Button, silentScoll(), and another look at swipe

Posted on January 13, 2012 by Anthony James Founder/CEOAnthony James Founder/CEO

We’re diving into part 2 of our advanced jQuery Mobile topics. We will cover a few APIs at a time to really help you understand things. We are going to look at the default back button settings and how to implement them. Also, we are going to take another look at the swipe API. Finally, we will run into an instance where we need to use the pageinit function again. This will really help you learn jQuery Mobile APIs that are important.

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Image of adam16ster
8 years ago

where/how did find the code to script the back button? i can’t find it in the docs anywhere. the closest i can find is here but it’s still not spilling on the info it should.

Image of Steve Propecia
Steve Propecia
7 years ago

Some great videos there, thanks

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