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Review: iPhone App TweetBot Impresses

Posted on February 21, 2012 by Anthony James Founder/CEOAnthony James Founder/CEO

Well, on twitter I posted about liking the new TweetBot iPhone app. I’m actually surprised by the several responses I received asking me why? So thanks to a nudge from @Femme_mal, I’ve decided to write a review of the app!
In summary, I like the app because of its UI and UX. I like how it gives you more detailed information about users, gives you simple access to tweet functions, and discovery of a user’s tweets, lists, replies, and more.

First, it gives you extremely easy access to manage multiple accounts. It’s right on your main screen and you don’t have to go to “extra” or “options” to switch back and forth. This makes working with multiple accounts a breeze.

Next, it shows me where I left off the previous time I used the app. Most other apps do this, but my favorite part is how boldly it tells me recent activities and TweetBot also keeps those @mentions that I haven’t replied to yet in a dark color.

I just love this loading graphic! It’s unique and eye catching.

By selecting a tweet, it appends extra options such as retweet, favorite, etc below. I like this because it allows me to keep seeing the user and the tweet while choosing what I want to do or how to reply. Other apps, such as twitter, replace the whole row with the options and you aren’t allowed to see the tweet or who posted it.

If you click on a user’s profile, you’re taken to a whole new set of options. My favorite part is the tabs on the bottom. On the left side is the user’s profile information and, as you can see, there is a chat bubble which contains the following: the user’s tweets, the @replies (which are the replies or mentions of that specific user), the start button (which is the user’s favorite tweets), and the list that user has available. WOW! It gives you independent information about another user which allows you to easily explore and find many more resources/people on twitter and also better prepares you to engage in an ongoing conversation.

All in all my favorite part isn’t the actual useability, but instead the UI and design. The ease of use combined with the design makes it a must have app for me. With the most recent upgrade, TweetBot is my “go to” twitter app!


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