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Introducing Advanced Search for Mobile

Posted on March 25, 2019 by Matthew PhilpotMatthew Philpot

I often like to say, “It would be impossible to do any of this without input from our students,” and without a doubt, that also applies to our mobile apps. That statement has never been truer than in this last month. After extensive feedback from our students, we’ve decided to completely overhaul our “Training” page on mobile. I’m tremendously excited to talk about our new “Advanced Search” on mobile and how you can make the most of it to find the latest and greatest training content that we release. With April just around the corner, we have huge training content and platform update announcements coming for you and mobile’s got you covered!

The first thing we added was additional information to the individual courses, like course author and published date. In a coming update, course progress will also be added so you can see that you’ve already started a course!

Improved Filtering

The first thing to go in the overhaul was the initial screen that greeted our students. Where previously you were required to choose a category (AWS, Linux, Azure, etc), now all of our courses are listed. The categories have been moved to a list at the top, allowing for easy tailoring of the results to suit your educational needs.

We’ve also added sorting options:

  • Newest to oldest (by published date) – This is the default
  • Difficulty (easiest to hardest)
  • Course length (hours of content)
  • Course Authors (A to Z)
  • Relevance

While the default being ‘newest to oldest’, this is to help our students be aware of the latest content we have published, the other options are based on feedback. Some of our students wanted to see all the courses by author, while others wanted to see content by length – we’re listening!

In addition to these changes, we’ve enhanced our filters (found at the top right). We’ve added a “certification” checkbox in case you only want to view courses that prep you for certification exams. In addition, you can filter the length of courses to, for example, only show courses shorter than 3 hours.

Course Details

Having a hard time figuring out what a course is about based purely on the title? Now you can preview the details for the course:

By clicking the appropriate button/area on Android and iOS, you will be greeted with additional information regarding that course. The categories that course is associated with along with a description. Going forward, we will add even more information to this screen and it will eventually become the basis of rework for the syllabus screen where the videos and exams are listed!

Looking Ahead

Looking ahead over the next month, we’re finalizing updates that will allow our Community Edition students to use the app again. We’re definitely excited about that and can’t wait to get that feature out there! As we keep adding more features, we want to keep your feedback in mind so if you have any questions, leave a comment below! Happy learning!

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