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Appcelerator Development Guide & Open Source Code

Posted on August 3, 2012 by Anthony James Founder/CEOAnthony James Founder/CEO

Appcelerator is a platform that allows you to use JavaScript to build cross platform native applications, and use native features that only Objective-C and Java can reach on the Android and iOS platforms. This gives you the ability to reach millions more people with your native apps than if you were just developing for one platform. You also have the ability to develop for both platforms twice as fast with this ‘write once, distribute everywhere’ platform. This Appcelerator development guide will take you from beginning Appcelerator to writing apps in no time. You can also start by taking a look at Quote Keepr an open sourced Appcelerator app. It was built as a newbie app, so feel free to fork and contribute as you please.

Quote Keepr Appcelerator Open Source Project


Image of John B.
John B.
8 years ago

Im a desperate newbie who has been learning Objective C for about 6 months and wrote a nice app that was accepted into the app store. However, there was a glitch they even missed and I am at the end of my rope on how to solve it. In fact, I have been learning Appcelerator from you and anxiously await your new tutorials because you explain things in such a way that I have learned more from you than the appcelerator docs.
I have even started re-writing my app in Appcelerator hoping this problem will be easier to solve. I have an SQL database with a Drupal front end. This app is for my wifes preschool and is designed so the teachers each have an ipad and they fill out a daily report on each child and send it to each parent. The form they use was created in Drupal and the point is to cut down on paper and the teachers having to hand write a daily report each day. Well its designed so that the teachers can attach pics or video to it of the kids also, which creates my problem.
The problem is that when the teacher fills out the form on their iPad, the buttons to attach video or images are grayed out. After talking to developers on the apple forums, I have learned that its an issue with Safari and there is no way around it. I have been provide with 6 or 7 different work-arounds like AFNetworking, MKNetworkkit, etc.. all because Apple quit supporting the module that apps used to get around this. I have even tried the iOSDrupalSDK in hopes of a resolution and it does not work.
So now I have my app underway in Appcelerator and everything is going good. Thanks to your videos its turning out pretty cool, but Im in fear of getting really far in and then learning that there is no way to make this work, even using Appcelerator. Everyone that tries to help me gives me advice on sending data from the device to the server, which is important and I plan to use your 2 tutorials on using HTTPclient to send the pics and images up to the server, but do you know how I can make it so this form, when created on an iPad or iPhone will allow for images and videos to be attached?
I appreciate any advice you can provide to dig me out of this hole. I actually really enjoy working with Appcelerator over Xcode and Objective C and also need this app done for Android as well so want to stay on this path, but need to know that Im going to be able to make it work.
What would you do? How would you handle this? First let me say Im the type that I dont need you to write it for me, but if you have any suggestions on where I can learn this or what tutorials I need to be looking for, I would appreciate it!
Thank you and keep up the great work! I know there is alot more to learn so keep those Appcelerator tutorials coming! I know I summarized alot, just because I did not want to send you a novel that you would not want to read because of its length. If you need more info. to understand my issue, please let me know. I hope you have an idea of what I could do and would be willing to help me out on this.
Most respectfully,

Image of Anthony James Founder/CEO
Anthony James Founder/CEO
8 years ago

Hey John, I know exactly what your problem is. It sounds like your using a webview to open the drupal form. Webviews use the safari browser and the current version of the safari browser doesn’t support picture uploads. However, the good news is that the new version of safari coming out with ios 6 this september does! In fact, I’ve recently done a screencast that demonstrates this. The bad news is you have to wait till september for it to be out and then it will only work on updated devices.
The other option you have is to write the form inside of titanium and the picture upload function inside of titanium then transfer the data over the internet to a server that parses it and uploads it where it needs to go.
I can probably help with some screencasts on transferring pictures over http etc if you are interested.

Image of Vamsi
8 years ago

Hi Anthony!
Great tuts…please do keep them coming. I know you are a busy man with your work, but these videos are really great learning material. I don’t think even training centres have such elaborate teaching. Thanks again. By the way can you do a screencast for fetching contacts and other mobile details into our appcelerator app? For example if I create an for sending email, is it possible for me to get the email add from the contacts list? And how to create an app for sending sms/mms…

Image of Anthony James Founder/CEO
Anthony James Founder/CEO
8 years ago

Thanks for the kind words. i’ll add that to the list of screencasts we have going.

Image of Jay
8 years ago

Amazing series! You really take open source to another level with knowledge. Go Apache… Go Titanium… Go Anthony! I really appreciate it as you have a clear voice, you are well planned and really add value in doing screencasts on real word situations. Thanks Anthony! Cheers

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