Are you studying for an exam and need a quick way to remind yourself of the essentials?

Are you a furious note-taker that loves to organize?

Do you prefer to quiz yourself with your own words because you know that writing questions is a great way to learn and understand?

Introducing Linux Academy Flash Cards!

We’ve expanded the Notes function of Linux Academy significantly. Each course will now feature the Create Deck option for convenient note-taking and studying.


Once you create a deck, you can begin making flash cards. These flash cards will “live” within a course and act as your notes. However, notes are now double-sided, so that instead of having just the note itself, you have a way to quiz yourself in a manner that works for you.

Creating Decks and Cards


Create a deck – Live on Linux Academy!

Once you’ve made a deck, you can then begin adding flash cards. You can make as many as you want within each deck. You can also have multiple decks!


Flash cards have both a front and a back side. Typically, you use the “front” as a question that you write, and the “back” as the answer. You don’t have to use it this way but you do need to have content on both the front and back in order for the flash card to save.


Viewing Cards

Once you have some cards made, you’ll notice that they start showing up within the course you made it in. This makes it easy to study, refresh and create new cards efficiently and effectively.


You can even quickly check the back of your card with a simple mouse-over!



Additionally, the Deck View gives you additional options.  From here you can create a new deck, view and edit your cards, delete a deck or choose Play Deck.


Play Deck

By choosing the Play Deck mode, you are ready for a full study session. Your notes will be presented in the order that you’ve made them. You can flip the cards over when you are ready by simply clicking them. Choosing Next will bring you to the next card in the deck, while “Show Me Again” will reset the card (or you can click the card again).


Study the Way You Want

Linux Academy flash cards is another way for you to get the best training practice possible.  You can use it if you want, or you can completely ignore it.  The choice is yours!

Stay tuned for future updates to the iOS and Android apps to include note cards!

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