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So You've Installed Ubuntu… What's Next?

Posted on November 27, 2012 by DannyDanny

Greetings fellow newbies!
Whether you have done a fresh install of Ubuntu or you used my guide to install a virtual machine, you might be asking yourself “now what do I do?”. Well, let’s get started!



Your new Ubuntu desktop!

One of the first things I recommend doing is updating Ubuntu. This will make sure you have the freshest, most up-to-date system you can have. Updates typically do things like fix bugs, add features and plug security holes. (This is not always the case, however, and there may be times where you do not necessarily want to install an update, but for the most part you will want them). Clicking the box to the left (white arrow) will bring up the following screen:

Ubuntu Update Manager

From this screen, you can read a description of each update as well as a change log of what each update does. You can read about each one if you want, but if you have as many pending updates as I do, you probably want to just press “Install Updates”. Note: installing updates will always require an administrator password, which will be the password you made up during install. This is normal. Once the updates have completed, you will have to reboot for them to take effect.
To get your new Ubuntu install to be a finely tuned machine of badassery, you’re going to want to head over to the System Settings area. You can access this from the panel from the “System Settings” icon at the left, or from the gear-shaped drop-down menu in the top right corner of the screen.

Choose wisely

From this panel, you can adjust things like the background look, set up bluetooth gadgets, view system information, set up printers, create new user accounts and more!
Ubuntu comes with many useful programs out-of the box, such as Firefox (web browser), LibreOffice Writer (word processor) and LibreOffice Impress (for making presentations), but what if you want more? Well, try Ubuntu Software Center! You can find it as an icon on the left, which looks like a shopping bag.

Ubuntu Software Center

From Ubuntu Software Center, you can download all sorts of games, apps, tweaks, drivers and accessories….most of which are free! Be sure to read the description and comments to save your time on the less-worthy applications.
In addition to finding and installing new software, the Ubuntu Software Center can also be used to view currently installed software on your system. This allows you to check which version you have, and uninstall if necessary. To see what is on your system, click the “Installed” button at the top.
You can also use the History button to see when software was installed. This is useful if you blindly installed updates and wanted to go back and see what exactly you installed (for instance).
Keep checking back to for Ubuntu software reviews and other how-to articles!
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