The Linux Academy iOS App Has Arrived!

You asked for it, and the Linux Academy has delivered!

We are pleased to announce the release of our iOS for all of our users, available now on the App Store.  This app is free for all members, but does require your membership with the Linux Academy to use.


Once logged into the app, students will be linked with their normal account.  Your course progress will be linked across any device that you log in from.  You will also have the ability to begin new courses straight from the app!



All modules are available on the app
All modules are available on the app



Don’t have the ability to stream videos?  Not a problem!  Download and save videos directly to your device for offline viewing!


In addition to regular courses, you can access nuggets and quizzes as well.  Note: labs are not available on the mobile app.




The mobile app is just another tool that Linux Academy provides for you to have the BEST learning experience on the web for Linux and Cloud training.  Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “The Linux Academy iOS App Has Arrived!

  1. Excellent! I love using the app to watch the videos. I have a couple of suggestions for you. It would be nice if I didn’t have to input my login credentials each time I use the app. It would also be nice if you could mark the video as complete from the mobile device after watching it to update the course.

  2. Any update on the Android app please? This is exactly what I need for studying on the train during the daily commute!

    1. The app will be officially released shortly, but you can sign up for the beta here:

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