Solution: Resetting your screen resolution with xrandr

I recently discovered a very useful tool: xrandr. This command allows you to reset your screen resolution, which comes in very handy when some buggy app changes you screen resolution and doesn’t set it back. It saves logging out and in again or even having to use Ctrl + Alt + Backspace!

To set your screen resolution back to normal, use xrandr like this:

[rechosen@localhost ~]$ xrandr -s 0

The “-s” option allows you to specify the size, and the “0” parameter tells xrandr to reset the screen to its default size. You can also specify a resolution, like this:

[rechosen@localhost ~]$ xrandr -s 800×600

If you want to check which modes are currently available for your screen, run xrandr with the -q option:

[rechosen@localhost ~]$ xrandr -q

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