March is turning of to be a super lucky month for me. Last week I was representing Pinehead at the SpaceX launch at the Kennedy Space Center and this week I’m representing Pinehead at South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive! SXSW is most known as a music and film festival but last year Interactive hosted about 19,000 people, about a third of attendees at the three SXSW conferences.

So I wanted your input on what you’d like covered. Think of me as your conference robot, I will report form the sessions you are interested in. There are two tracks I’m focused on, Space and Open Source but if there is something you’d like me to attend, just speak up! Below is a list of some of courses in those two areas with links to the course descriptions. Leave a comment if you’d like me to attend a particular session and/or if you have any questions you’d liked me to ask.

DIY, Hacker, Maker
This workshop track includes:

  • Extreme GPS: Limits of Security and Precision
  • Hacking Transportation Meetup
  • Robotics Meetup
  • Curbing Crime with Data Extraction & Ontologies
  • Creating a DIY API: Open Source for Makers
  • Practical Natural Language Processing
  • HTML 5 Hacks
  • Sensoring the News: Detector Driven Journalism

Science and Space Exploration
This workshop tracks include:

  • Toward the Unification of Physics
  • Crowd Sourcing the Space Frontier
  • Design and Space: More than a Pretty Picture
  • Beyond Hubble: NASA’s Next Great Telescope
  • A Cyborg Nation by 2027: The Science is Here
  • The New Golden Age of Human Spaceflight
  • Edison vs. Tesla: The Myth of the Lone Inventor
  • Developing Meds in Space to Save Lives on Earth

I’ll also be attending the Elon Musk and Matthew Inman keynotes so let me know if you have questions for those guys, there is usually a Q&A section of the keynote. I’ll also be Tweeting so stay tuned.

2 responses to “Pinehead will be at SXSW Interactive!!”

  1. bilboleo says:


    hope you can make it to the “new golden age human spaceflight” at 11 this morning and the “space tech after NASA” tues at 3:30.

    love your articles on spacex

    good luck and cheers

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