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Posted on April 15, 2012 by Anthony James Founder/CEOAnthony James Founder/CEO

Linux Academy provides interactive step by step video courses that will take a newbie to professional over the next several months.  The Academy starts out with an introduction to the Linux server and builds from there.  The Linux Academy allows you to interact with a real Linux lab environment, giving you the ability to play, learn, and follow lessons on actual Linux servers. You could boot up your server, start following a lesson (or just play for fun) and delete the file system.  It takes nothing more than two clicks to delete your server and re-build one from scratch.  As a result, anyone in the IT field can learn to manage or interact with Linux servers. Go to the Linux Academy
Are you interested in learning Linux at the Linux Academy? You might be wondering what you will learn at the Linux Academy. Below is an outline of the available courses coming to the Linux Academy. Ready to start learning Linux? Head to the Linux Academy!

  • Introduction to Linux & understanding the command line
      • Root user, sudo users and managing users & user groups
      • Navigating Linux & the file system
      • Logs & more file management tools
      • File permissions
      • Cron jobs
      • Apt-get & DPKG package management
      • Managing Linux processes
  • Managing software on Debian-based systems
      • Apt-cache package management
      • Apt-get command set
      • DPKG command set
      • Summary & overview of aptitude & dselect
  • Managing files and the file system
      • Lesson: File Naming Basics & A Look At File Commands
      • File Archiving & The RM, MV Commands
      • Linux Links
      • Basic Directory & Group Commands
      • Special Permission Bits
      • Default Permissions, umask, newgrp, and chattr
      • Linux Core Directories and What They Are Used For
      • Finding Files in Linux Using Find, Locate, Whereis, Which, and Type
  • Managing Hardware & Linux File Systems
      • How To Create A Linux Academy Disk Volume
      • Creating and Mounting a Disk Partition & External Disks
  • Working With SSH & SCP To Connect And Transfer Data Securely To Your Server
      • Creating SSH Keys From OS X To Linux
      • Creating SSH Keys From Windows To Linux With Putty
      • Configuring SSH Port Numbers
      • Allowing And Denying Users And Groups
      • Transferring Files With SSH and SCP
  • Learn to edit files like a Linux pro with VI
      • Vi Moes & The Importance Of Vi
      • Vi Commands & Usage
  • The Linux Bash Shell
      • Simple Commands & Shortcuts For The Linux Shell
  • Understanding the Linux boot process
  • Managing system time
  • Understanding log files and log file maintenance
  • Understanding Linux networking
  • Tuning user environment
  • Beginning Linux/shell scripting
  • Installing and configuring BIND9 DNS server
  • Installing and administrating MySQL
  • MySQL administration
  • Linux security


Image of Carlos
8 years ago

Hello, I already had an account, what happen? do I have to re-sign again?

Image of Anthony James Founder/CEO
Anthony James Founder/CEO
8 years ago

Carlos, free accounts were removed to help make it easier for new signups. All you do is re-sign up and your all good!

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