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Learn Linux And Prepare For The LPI Level 1 Certification

Posted on February 23, 2013 by pineheadpinehead

Survey says.. Linux jobs are in demand and there is money to be made! The tech field is the fastest growing job sector and Linux jobs are at the top of the list. If you haven’t already, now is the time to start learning Linux, or even get certified with the LPI (Linux Professional Institute Certification) certification. Don’t know where to start? Never used Linux? Not sure what you need to do to learn Linux for system administration?  We have a great starting point for you, and that’s at the Linux Academy.
Not looking to get Linux certified, and just want to know how to run your own Linux servers? Or test app code, or just play with different Linux distributions? No problem! Linux Academy is great for that as well!
The Linux Academy has step-by-step video courses, PDF course notes, certification study guides, and quizzes (coming soon). It even has a Linux server lab that allows you to follow along with the lessons on real Linux servers. No need for additional software-it’s all provided at the Linux Academy.

So what is at the Linux Academy?

  • 100 step-by-step video courses with over 40 hours of content
  • Instructors that work in enterprise Linux environments
  • Your own Linux sever, with 8 distributions to choose from
  • Downloadable course notes, study guides, and cheat sheets
  • Full preparations for the LPI Exam 101 certification
  • Lessons and new tracks added weekly
  • A public profile that advertises your accomplishments and helps show what you can do

You can find out more by listening to the EveryDay Linux podcast interview of Anthony at The Linux Academy.

But It Sounds Expensive!

It’s not! In fact, you have full access to everything listed above for only $25/month or, if you want to sign up for three months, you get a month free. Don’t worry, if you think you will finish learning everything on the site quickly, we have good news. We’ve just brought on another instructor to cover advanced enterprise level topics. So whether you are a Linux newbie or Linux novice the Linux Academy has something for you.

Why Does It Cost?

The cost covers the training, videos, time spent creating the courses, and of course the REAL server lab that allows you to learn in an actual Linux environment. Yes, any profits after that are reinvested to help bring more quality Linux training to the Linux Academy. It’s not just for certification preparation but for all things Linux!

Ready For A Linux Job?

Ready to find your Linux Job? Browse and search for Linux Jobs at the official Linux Jobs website!

Maybe I Want To Teach Linux?

Don’t need the Linux Academy but want to help teach? We aren’t looking for volunteers, at the Linux Academy we pay our instructors to help ensure you’re getting the best possible training available! If you are interested, leave us a comment below. Better yet, include a link to your LinkedIn, website or other profile where we can check out your qualifications and contact you if we think you would be a good fit.
It’s an exciting time at Linux Academy, and we want you to be a part of it!


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