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We’d like to take the time to announce an exciting new feature that is now available on!
Our goal is to help you pass exams and get certified for your career.  We are very proud of our courses, and have recently made a significant upgrade to the way Practice Exams work.  Not only are practice exams a great way to study, but also it teaches you how to manage your time in an exam.
When you start a new practice exam, you will have the option to take a regular exam, or to enable Practice Mode.
Regular Mode loads in a pre-set number of questions and a pre-set amount of time for you to take the exam. For example, if you’re taking AWS CSA Associate in Regular Mode, it will load 60 questions and give you 80 minutes to complete the exam, just like a real exam. These questions are random questions, the potential answers are randomized each time, and each time you run the practice exam it will randomly pull from the potential pool of questions. In order for the practice exam to be checked off of your syllabus towards your certificate of completion, you must complete the exam successfully in regular mode.
But, what if you are short on time? What if you want to answer more questions in a shorter duration? Or, do you want less questions but a longer amount of time? It doesn’t matter, you can have all! In Practice Mode, you to select your time limit and the number of questions (up to the maximum amount in the potential pool) and then take the practice exam. This helps you prepare in any different way you want for the exam, and it puts flexibility into the practice exam system based on your current needs.
Remember, you have to use Regular Mode to complete the practice exam from the syllabus. In other words, you can’t enable Practice Mode, select 2 questions and 1 hour time and it count towards your Certificate of Completion.
Here is a summary of the new features available on the practice exam system:
1. Will display the total number of questions in your exam session
2. All practice exams are now timed. If time runs out, it will automatically submit the questions you currently have for grading.
3. Practice Mode allows you to define the number of questions and time limit for an exam session
4. Question order is randomized each time a new practice exam is started
5. Answers associated with a question are also randomized each time a new practice exam is started
Please note we are still loading pre-sets for some practice exams. If a pre-set is not currently available, it will default to the max questions and max time.


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