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To bring more ways to learn to Linux Academy, we are pleased to announce our newest frontier: Podcasting. Cloud Cadet will offer listeners how-tos, interviews with our instructors, and information and education on Linux, the cloud, AWS, and sysadmin and devops topics.
Available for free on YouTube or your podcast player of choice, Cloud Cadet is for more than Linux Academy students — anyone can listen, learn, and enjoy! Curious about our instructors and offerings? Cloud Cadet is a good way to sample our content before heading in for the main course or works as a wonderful supplement to our current offerings.
We’ll be kicking things off in high gear this week with three new episodes! Afterwards, Cloud Cadet will move to a weekly schedule for your listening pleasure.
Look for it coming soon!


Image of Jose
4 years ago

Really excited for this! You guys are doing an awesome job!

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