Sometimes you need to host a static website somewhere. It might be a simple index.HTML page that you can easily redirect servers to in case of downtime for your current site or for simple documentation. How you use it is really up to you. But Amazon S3 now has the ability to “host” static HTML pages. This means that if you provide the link to your .html page the Amazon S3 bucket will think it needs to interpret that as a website and display it accordingly. This behavior is different than it used to be, Amazon would only allow you to download the object and not display it in a web page. Let’s set up an index.html page in our Amazon S3 bucket.

Log in to Amazon S3 and select the bucket you would like to use

Start the upload process by selecting “upload”

Select your index.html file and upload to the bucket


Right-click on the document and “make public”


Right-click on index.html and select “properties” to find the URL


Copy and paste the URL into a browser and open!

Screen Shot 2012-12-01 at 12.03.02 PM

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