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Today I’d just like to give some updates on some of the stuff we’ve been working on at the Linux Academy.
Phase 1 of our revamped quiz system has been completed, and older quizzes are being updated to take advantage of these new features.   After you take a quiz, you will now be presented with the correct answer to each question, an explanation of question and answer, and relevant study material.  With this additional feedback, we believe that it will lead to a greater understanding of core concepts presented in the learning material.

Phase 2 of the quiz system will begin development soon.  In this phase will be further focusing on identifying your strengths and weakness on a per concept level, this is going to be really cool! We are still working on details of how this will look but we will be pushing it live very soon!
We’ve updated our syllabus software as well. In the later released AWS certifications (SysOps/CSA pro) AWS changed how they layout course requirements. We’ve updated our software to look similar so you can tell what it is your studying and your areas of strength/weakness. We are excited to say this will available on the SysOps course being created as we speak, view the syllabus here.
Our billing system has had quite a bit of attention, credit card users now have more options when upgrading from a trial account, and previous members that were on PayPal can now switch to paying with a credit or debit card. If your an old member looking to come back to the Linux Academy, you can now also reactivate your account with the debit/credit card feature instead of PayPal!
Most excitingly, we’ve been busy planning our upcoming Live Event! We are very excited about this because of how many of our members have requested such an event from the Linux Academy team. This is your opportunity to get to know us, ask us questions, talk about certifications, win some AWESOME giveaways and also view a live code demonstration on how we are going to select the winners! This is very exciting and we will be posting official news on this in a few days time!
It’s a very exciting time right now at the Linux Academy with new courses being added such as AWS Certified SysOps, AWS Hybrid Technologies, and some new Linux ones about to be announced! We’ve added everything from Nagios and we have added 5 self-paced AWS and Linux Live Labs!™. We can’t thank each and every one of you for helping support the Linux Academy! We are very excited for a lot of the upcoming content development and learning development coming out over the next few months!

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