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Cloud Cadet #5: Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator Certification

Posted on March 2, 2016 by podcast motorpodcast motor

On this episode of Cloud Cadet, instructor Terry returns with our hosts Anthony and Christophe to review updated to the Linux Foundation Certified Systems Administrator exam, and provide you with some tips for preparing for certification.
With the recent update to the LFCS, Linux Academy has updated and improved their Linux Foundation offerings, covering all new domain competencies found in the exam. The seven areas of knowledge you are expected to know are:

  • Essential Commands
  • Operation of Running Systems
  • User and Group Management
  • Networking
  • Service Configuration
  • Storage Management
  • Virtualization

For more information regarding changes to the exam, please see the blog post (also referenced in the episode).
One of these new sections include knowledge on virtualization, and this is what Terry and hosts are looking at today on the podcast. In particular, Terry walks viewers through setting up a CentOS 6 server using KVM.
KVM (with QEMU) requires hardware virtualization, the configuration process of which is covered in the LFCS course. Terry’s demonstration picks up with the console set-up and Virtual Machine Manager, a GUI, installed. Virtual Machine Manager can be found at the virt-manager package of most distributions, and works similar to programs such as VirtualBox. He then walks viewers through how users can configure their CentOS 6 virtual system through both the Virtual Machine Manager and the virsh command line shell.
This highlights one primary benefit of practical exams, such as the LFCS — you can download any package from the official repositories to work from, meaning if you find it necessary to work with virtualization through the Virtual Machine Manager GUI, you are able.
The LFCS remains, however, a timed exam, and other tips for passing rely on positive study habits and hard work: Avoid exam-dump learning, focus on being a qualified system administrator while learning, and manage your time well while sitting for the test. Remember: You are free to skip around; most questions do not build off previous questions.
For more information about any of these topics, check out the whole podcast above! And don’t forget to sign up for Linux Academy: We have what you need to take on the LFCS and succeed!


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