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Announcing the Revamped Basic Chef Fluency Badge Course

Posted on August 7, 2018 by KeithThompsonKeithThompson

Anthony’s original course to prepare students for the Basic Chef Fluency Badge is great, but the exam has changed, and so has Linux Academy. After talking to hundreds of students at conferences and in the Linux Academy community, it has become incredibly obvious that the hands-on portions of our courses are the most beneficial to our students, and the original Basic Chef Fluency Badge course was created before Live Environments (access to real cloud environments to train on).
The refreshed version of the course was created from the ground up with the new format of the exam in mind, and a focus on ways that live environments can be used to solidify a concept. Additionally, I always focus on understanding and relying on documentation, and that’s more valuable given the new exam format.

Changes to the Exam

Prior to May 2018, the Basic Chef Fluency Badge exam was 40 multiple-choice questions without any hands-on questions. The exam is still the same length, but there are some key differences:

  • Some Hands-on Questions: The exam is taken in a browser with a connection to a VM that is a fully configured Chef workstation. There are some questions in the exam that will require you to use the terminal in the VM to get the information necessary to answer the question.
  • Open Book: When taking the exam, you have access to

Thoughts on the Exam

I think that the changes to the exam are fantastic. In real-world use of Chef, you don’t need to memorize everything because you have access to the documentation. The new format of the exam tests you on your ability to use Chef, including knowing how to look up information when you simply don’t know it.
Linux Academy courses are not designed to teach to the test because we know that if you truly learn the technology, then the exam isn’t something to stress about. The new version of the exam makes it even easier to not “teach to the test” because it isn’t asking for you to regurgitate information.

Official Partner

We’re also an official partner of Chef so whether you’re thinking about getting started with Chef or you’re looking for the next certification to chase, I encourage you to check out the latest Chef Basic Fluency Badge course.


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