Basic Linux Admin: Some Security, Users, FTP, and SFTP Lessons

In this screencast you will see how we can setup additional users, harden up the instance by changing security settings and also learn how to use ftp and sftp.

4 thoughts on “Basic Linux Admin: Some Security, Users, FTP, and SFTP Lessons

  1. very good tutorials and very helpful not only in setting up a ec2 server but also useful guide for setting up a VPS on one’s self.

    Can you upload the high resolution videos please actually my eyes were paining watching the video due to its low resolution.

    Also its good if you can make a video on using webmin control panel to administer the ec2/VPS as its easy to use and helpful for creating and managing virtual hosts and subdomains.

    Cheers for a great tutorial:)

    1. I’m not very fond of using webmin. I did use it back in the day. I’ll be more than happy to create some screencasts on setting up virtual hosts though. But newbs need to learn how to use the command line and configuration so it will be based off of that.

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