This tutorial is going to walk you through creating your own backup cloud program. The concept and script are very simple, using Amazon Web Service and the S3Tools command line program, we are going to create a script that syncs files to our Amazon S3 bucket, allowing us to create our own backup cloud program. We’ll show you how to write the script and create the schedule task using iCal and AppleScript.

2 responses to “Write Your Own Cloud Based Backup With AWS And S3tools On OS X”

  1. Aamnah Akram says:

    I came across your site today and i love your tutorials! i have already gone through a dozen related to AS3, EC2 and Linux. I am not an expert in any of these, i only started using Linux about 6 months ago and i’m just touching base with AWS. But i am a geek at heart.

    Regarding this tutorial, one simple question. Given that S3tools is also available for Linux, the same/similar method can be used to automate website backups on a Linux server right??

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