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Workplace Highlight: Office Trick or Treating πŸŽƒ

Posted on November 1, 2017 by WinnieWinnie

Happy Halloween to all from the Linux Academy and Cloud Assessments team! ?
We can’t express to you enough how much we enjoy the holidays here. We don’t take spending time with loved ones and cherishing holiday traditions lightly…  So for Halloween, we invited criminals, creatures, and animals alike to join us in our office for festivities!
Random fact: The earliest known use of the phrase “trick or treat” dates back to 1934 when a newspaper in Portland, Oregon ran an article about how the local kids in town pulled numerous Halloween pranks. The phrase eventually showed up on greeting cards and by 1940s, it was widely used surrounding the holiday.

There was plenty of candy to give away, tricks in the air, and we were all left candy-less after each of the kids knocked on our cubicles!
Nothing like a little trick-or-treating to get the upcoming holidays started!
Lastly, we want to congratulate our winners of the pumpkin contest! Great job everyone, we loved seeing all of your pumpkins! Thank you to everyone for your participation in carving and voting!

Now for the Christmas music… and office pranks?

Stay tuned!


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