At Linux Academy, we do not just teach Linux. We teach the whole cloud computing technology stack including working with Linux and Windows in a business environment.

Linux Industry Disruption

Recently, Linux has started disrupting some traditional workloads, and it’s honestly thanks to Microsoft which has ported things like SQL servers and the .net framework to run natively on Linux, not to mention the availability of Windows Subsystem for Linux. With all of these Windows additions, we know that a lot of our business customers need a safe place to test on Windows, learn how to connect Windows to Linux, and have a place to play with some Windows workloads. We have an exciting announcement for our business customers regarding these wants and needs:

Linux Academy has added Windows Server 2019 to the Linux Academy Cloud Playground!

Linux Academy’s Cloud Playground, which we introduced late in 2018, allows you to spin up instant terminals, Virtual Machines, and Cloud Sandboxes for a safe place to learn, practice, and test the latest features added to Cloud service providers. Cloud Playground has quickly become a go-to place for our business customers to provide a safe sandbox environment for their staff at no additional cost.

Windows Server 2019 is just the start of our Windows-based additions; our team is also adding previous versions of Windows server to the Cloud Playground, and we plan to follow up this announcement with more exciting ones as the Playground continues to grow. Why, just recently, we added the AWS Cloud Sandbox and the Google Cloud Sandbox, with an Azure Sandbox in the works for later this year. We also recently announced the addition of Kali Linux on Cloud Playground for a safe place to learn how to perform penetration testing using Linux.

We have also worked hard to make sure that the Cloud Playground is as easy and intuitive to use as possible. The clips below show just how quickly students can spin up a Windows sandbox to practice in.

Students simply select New Server, and then set up the server with whatever specs they wish to practice with.

Once a student has created a server, they are provided with all of the information needed to access the server and start building and testing. 

We strive to create a platform that is as easy to use, affordable, and as up to date as possible for you, meaning it is constantly changing just like the world of technology. With so many new things planned for the Playground, make sure to subscribe to Linux Academy Weekly Update to learn about what’s to come – You won’t want to miss a single announcement!

Windows Server on Cloud Playground is also available for our Business accounts. We’ve recently been adding and upgrading features for our Business platform, including:

If you are looking to upskill your team in the latest Linux and cloud technologies through a learn-by-doing approach, learn more about Linux Academy for Business or request a demo today. This is truly a game changer for training with Linux Academy.

2 responses to “Windows Server Has Arrived On Linux Academy Cloud Playground”

  1. Daniel says:

    A dream. Very useful. Thank you!

  2. Dennis says:

    I actively maintain memberships to other training sites – essentially just for this functionality. I think with this announcement, Linuxacademy just saved me like $80 a month 🙂

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