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Why We Aren’t Posting The Content List Ahead of Time..

Posted on April 2, 2018 by Anthony James Founder/CEOAnthony James Founder/CEO

I love it, seriously; I love it. The amount of students we’ve seen interacting with our announcement about releasing over 70 Courses and Hands-On Labs throughout the month makes me so excited and reaffirms to me that we have the best learning community out there. The passion I see from our students is what drives me.
While some of you are excited to celebrate with us on all these announcements, others just want to know what’s coming! With over 300,000 Linux Academy students having gone through our training, we want to create awareness of the tremendous value that’s being added to your subscription over the next 30 days. In fact, this is just the beginning. 
To put it into perspective, we are already slated to launch another 100+ Courses/Hands-On Labs in Q3! More importantly though, as much as I love our students, I also love the Linux Academy team. We have gone through a lot of growing and hard work recently, so I want to take the time to celebrate those accomplishments every day, not only with our team, but with our community and students, as well.
With all of our students in mind, we’ve set a different goal. As soon as we announce a course, we’d like for all of you to be able to immediately enroll in it and not have to wait!
Now, this is where you come in, I’d like to ask all of you to join me live as we announce new content, meet with some of our Course Authors, celebrate with them for the tremendous amount of work they have done and put in, and be there to support them as they have supported you! The first live stream went out today, where I toured our office in Keller, TX – if you missed it, watch it here.
A link will be provided on the site and throughout social media! We’ll also be updating the blog and social media for upcoming live stream times. On-demand replay, blog summary, and community posts of the announcements will follow, so please help me congratulate our Course Authors!
As always, thank you for your continuous feedback, patience, and support as we keep creating the best content and e-learning platform out there for you.
Anthony D. James


Image of David Kleiner
David Kleiner
2 years ago

You guys are killing us with anticipation. There’s one course, just… one course… I just need to know!
Your courses have jump started my career a few years back and I am anxiously anticipating this one class — hopefully?
Ack. See you tomorrow.

Image of Winnie
2 years ago

We’re so glad to hear that! What are you doing now? Thanks for tuning in today and we can’t wait to share more with you throughout the month. We appreciate your patience!

Image of kri
2 years ago

I have used many different sites before example Pluralsight, trainsignal, lynda etc etc. But Being a DevOps i find this site to be the best out there 🙂

Image of Winnie
2 years ago

Thanks for the kudos, Kri! We think you’re pretty awesome & thank you for being a part of the community! We hope you’ll celebrate with us as we continue to release more content for you!


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