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A question we get a lot is “why is online training so expensive?”

As you’re probably aware, the prices vary quite a bit, as they should. Each training provider has different course offerings, features, tools, and quality. Picking a training provider is much like picking a university. You’re going to use your training provider to learn new skills, improve your existing skills, find a community, implement new technologies in organizations, and ultimately better yourself. You want to make sure to pick one that fits your budget and has the best short and long-term benefits for your continuous learning.

Training can cost as cheap as $10 per month and up to $80 per month or higher. Unfortunately, some people only focus on the price with the goal of finding the cheapest provider, sacrificing quality, quantity, accessibility, and much more – leading to regret.

Let’s break down each component that affects online training pricing.

Course Content

Most online courses are strictly recorded lecture videos, but some offer visual components such as PowerPoint slides and charts. A select few offer a variety of visual and interactive methods that make learning more engaging and speeds up the learning curve. Everyone learns differently so figuring out the way you learn best is an important step to finding a training provider that works for you.

Covering a variety of difficulty levels is also an important cost factor. As it takes more technical expertise to cover the most advanced technologies while teaching in an engaging way that the student understands.

At Linux Academy, we’re determined to push the boundaries of online learning and do so through our interactive diagrams accompanying our Courses. These non-linear, interactive learning tools help you visually learn in a way that really drills in the knowledge from the Course. Our split-screen setup allows you to interact with the diagrams as you follow along on the Course.


Full-time instructors vs. part-time instructors is a huge factor that affects online training pricing. Full-time staff requires salaries and benefits which can drive the price of training up. What is the payoff for you? Full-time instructors with real-world IT operations experience who have been there and done it provide you with unmatched expertise as they focus 100% on training content creation, improving the quality of the content.

Linux Academy only hires the best expert instructors and provides our students with direct access to them to ask any and all course, industry, and career questions. Our instructors actively participate in the community and love training the world’s next Linux and cloud experts!

Additional Features & Tools

There’s more to online learning than just courses. Look at the additional features and tools different training providers offer and consider them when looking at prices. These can be anything from labs to practice exams to learning schedules and skills assessments. They help you stay on track during your course, help you practice and test your skills, and help you reach your career goals.

We’re so proud of our training tools including Hands-On Labs in live environments, Cloud Playground, flash cards, practice exams, course scheduler, and learning paths. Our most popular are Hands-On Labs and Cloud Playground. Through Hands-On Labs, you get to launch a real lab environment (such as an AWS console, or server instances with different combinations of operating systems and software) and you learn in those environments, independently or as part of a Course. This gives you hands-on, real-world experience, and not just knowledge learned from watching videos.

Our Cloud Playground consists of Cloud Servers, Instant Terminal, and Cloud Consoles. We cover the cost of spinning up secure servers so you or your company doesn’t have to. You can safely practice your skills in different cloud computing platforms that can be customized to suit your training needs.


Online training has become a replacement for in-person training. The ease of logging on and learning from wherever you want, whenever you want, is worth the price alone. Besides, live online and in-person courses average between $3,000 and $5,000 a person a year, just for one course! Online training offers more flexibility and is ideal for people with a busy schedule (let’s face it, that’s all of us), and in-person class benefits you miss out on such as discussion and study groups are replicated online through communities, virtual study groups, and even in-person meetups!

On top of what you’ve already set out to learn in each course, you’ll also enhance your self-motivation and self-discipline through online training as it’s easy much easier to not show up to a virtual course that you can take whenever you want. Once you set your mind to it, online training will help you reach your goals much faster without sacrificing family time or your full-time job to learn new skills.

As you can see, there are many factors that affect online training pricing. We have based our pricing on all of these components and believe everything we do is for the benefit of our students. After all, we put our students’ futures first.

Ready to start your cloud and Linux journey? We offer free training for individuals, monthly and yearly plan for individuals, and team accounts!



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