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What’s Free at Linux Academy in October?

Posted on October 1, 2018 by OliviaOlivia

Over the past few months, we’ve launched over 220 new high-quality Courses and interactive Learning Activities, and the Great 200+ is coming in November! To celebrate our new security launches and to shine a spotlight on the importance of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we’ve made 4 security courses free during October.

With the recent launch of Certified Ethical Hacker Certification – CEH v10 and AWS Certified Security – Specialty Certification, and more security content coming in November, it’s the perfect time to train up on how to protect businesses against a data breach or attack.

We’ve added 10 Courses to our free Community Membership for a limited time only! Improve your security skills in Google Cloud, AWS, and Red Hat while this content is available for free.


Included with FREE Community Membership: October 1 – November 1, 2018


Google Cloud Security Essentials – Learn the core fundamentals necessary to properly secure your Google Cloud environment, and to manage who has access to what resources. The concepts introduced in this course are necessary for anyone securing a Google Cloud environment.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner – Are you a business professional, salesperson, or some other type of non-technical person that works in the tech industry?  Do you want to know what cloud computing is, how it works, and what it’s used for. Want to get it without all the technical jargon?  This Course is for you!
AWS Security Essentials
AWS Security Essentials – Learning about various AWS services dealing with encryption, monitoring, and auditing will enable you to to be more security minded with your AWS architecture.

Red Hat Certified Specialist in Server Hardening Prep Course – The Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Server Hardening exam (EX413) tests your ability to perform a number of systems administration tasks, focused on securing servers against unauthorized access. Get prepared in this Course!


Included with FREE Community Membership: October 1 – January 1, 2018


AWS Concepts – New to AWS? Get a simple, conceptual introduction to the concepts of Cloud Computing, Amazon Web Services, and its core services.
Ansible Quick Start
Ansible Quick Start – Dive into Ansible and learn how to manage and deploy your infrastructure, software, and services.

Elastic Stack Essentials – Get an introductory overview of Elastic Stack’s core services (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Beats), features, terms, and basic administration.

Mastering Systemd – explore the history of this Linux subsystem and why we have it now. Learn how to use systemd to create your own service files, and see how much simpler it is to use compared to the older init system that it replaced.

Build Your Own Linux from Scratch – Learn how the Linux kernel interoperates with glibc (and the rest of the binary toolchain), and how various software packages rely on the kernel and glibc to provide interfaces and services, as well as the “why” behind many of the features and idiosyncrasies of the Kernel and glibc.

SQL Primer – Learn how to structure SQL statements, create databases, manage access, create tables, insert and update data, create indexes and more.
The DevOps Pipeline Learning Activity – Create a DevOps pipeline all the way from making a code change to deploying that change to a production environment.

As a community member, you have free access to the Course videos only, sign up for a full membership to get unlimited access to the comprehensive practice exams and quizzes and hands-on Learning Activities that go along with each course. Deploy a cloud server or environment and learn by performing actions in the live environments, themselves, to truly master your new skills!


Image of Luis
2 years ago

Good day, dear friends, I write here for a little help, my account is a free account, I registered when linuxacademy was part of the benefits of visualStudio dev essentials, I am trying to access the AWS essentials course but in doing so I requested upgrade account, in that sense what is the procedure to be able to access said course?
Thanks in advance

Image of Olivia
2 years ago

Hi Luis, thanks for reaching out. Please email to get an answer to your question. Thank you and happy learning!

Image of Ronit Wani
Ronit Wani
2 years ago

I want to get subscription pack at cheapest price for learning DevOps.
Could you please guide me which plan I am supposed to take?

Image of Olivia
2 years ago

Hi there, we have a free plan (with limited access to training materials) and a monthly and yearly plan (with unlimited access to all training content)! Jon here: Thanks and happy learning!


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