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We’re so excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Chef to provide high-quality, in-depth training to those of you interested in becoming Certified Chef Developers!
If you visit, you can get started on the Basic Chef Fluency Course, which will provide a hands-on experience for managing Chef. It will prepare you for the Basic Chef Fluency Badge exam – you’ll even get a coupon code for the exam! If that’s not enough Chef content for you, we’ve also got a Local Cookbook Development course with an anticipated release date of March 2017.
For more information, see Chef’s blog post here.


Image of Parwinderjit
3 years ago

I am already a member of linuxacademy. Do i need to pay for this course ? when ever i am clicking link it is asking me money

Image of Elle K
Elle K
3 years ago

You do not! The courses are available under our “DevOps” section for all current members of Linux Academy.

Image of tessa
3 years ago

This idea is mind blowing. I think everyone should know such information like you have described on this post. Thank you for sharing this explanation.Your final conclusion was good. We are sowing seeds and need to be patiently wait till it blossoms.

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