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We’ll be at Learning Solutions 2019

Posted on March 12, 2019 by ChazWallaceChazWallace

Technology professionals continue to have the highest turnover rates of any industry! Surprisingly, money isn’t the main issue that has the tech unicorns walking out the front door. Employees in 2019 are looking for opportunities for advancement, challenging work, and training to reach their full potential. In fact, 70% of employees say training and advancement opportunities affect whether they will quit their job. 76% of companies believe there is a shortage of Linux and Cloud professionals. Not only is there a problem with retention and shortage of workers, but the average business loses $13.5 million per year to ineffective training! So, what are you doing in 2019 to retain your best talent?

Keep your team ahead of the curve

We discovered that tutorials couldn’t teach real engineering, so we built the training tools that can! When choosing a training provider, think beyond the content and more about learning strategy. At Linux Academy, not only do we provide the content to keep your employees ahead of the curve, but we provide the tools engineers need to develop the skill in real time! Whether your technology professionals need to attain certifications or develop the in-demand skills to help meet your organization’s goals, we’ve got you covered! Here are some highlights:

Hands-On Labs: Hands-on labs instantly deploy real, on-demand scenario-based labs in real environments at no extra cost. No one learns how to drive a car by watching tutorials; hands-on labs is how your team can get their hands behind the wheel!

Cloud Playground: Your team can spin up AWS and Google Cloud sandbox environments and virtual machines at no additional costs nor management. Downloads and port 22 are not required, ensuring security and compliance for your organization. Log in credentials are provided to access Servers, Instant Terminal, and Cloud Sandboxes.

Interactive DiagramsVisual learners can watch Training Architect lessons alongside split-screen interactive diagrams. This learn-while-doing approach translates into faster progress, fewer mistakes, and improved retention.

Learning Paths: Create custom Learning Paths that include the courses, lessons, quizzes, and hands-on labs that the team needs to achieve organizational objectives. Design the perfect curriculum to quickly push teams and technologies to the next level.

Instructor Mentoring: Yeah, we are an E-learning platform, but we aren’t robots! If our students still need that 1-on-1 coaching, not a problem. Our industry expert Training Architects are accessible through the community and get questions answered quickly.

Learning Solutions 2019

Linux Academy is a hands-on learning platform that provides up-to-date content for your IT team needs. Whether it’s training on Cloud,  AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud – we got you covered! But, wait there’s more! Not only do we have the best content for hands-on cloud computing, but we also train Linux, DevOps, Containers, OpenStack, Big Data, and Security!

We are headed to Orlando, Florida March 26 – 28th to attend the Learning Solutions 2019 Conference! If your company’s Learning and Development manager is attending, send them to booth 118 to learn about Linux Academy for Teams and how it can help your team grow. Have them sign up at our booth, and we will make sure they bring swag back to your office!


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