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Weekly Update 5-6-2019

Posted on May 6, 2019 by Anthony James Founder/CEOAnthony James Founder/CEO

Last week was all about Kubernetes, and this week is all about Azure. We are delivering five new courses to help you get ready for three different Azure exams and providing you information over multiple Azure services.

We are also excited to announce Linux Academy’s next live study group, Command Line Threat Hunting. Come join this live, interactive study group with your fellow students. Want to know more? Take a look here!

All About Azure

This week, we are bringing you several new courses to get you ready for Azure’s exams.

Not enough Azure for you? No worries — we have more on the way with our TAs working tirelessly to bring you as much new and up-to-date content as possible. These planned courses will be released as they are finished, so make sure to subscribe both to our blog and YouTube to make sure you don’t miss an announcement.

Next week, we have even more Kubernetes for you, along with some content on machine learning.

Take a look at this week’s newest podcasts from Jupiter Broadcasting!

  • Choose LinuxUbuntu MATE on the Pi + The Linux Community: We take Ubuntu MATE 18.04 for a test drive on the Raspberry Pi 3. How does it compare to Raspbian? After that, a fascinating discussion about the Linux community. What are the high points and low points? What’s that magic ingredient that makes it feel so different from other tech communities?
  • Coder RadioF# Shill: Mike and Wes dive into Bosque, Microsoft’s new research language, and debate if it represents the future of programming languages, or if we should all just be using F#. Plus, some Qt license clarity, a handy new Rust feature, and your feedback.
  • Linux Action News — Linux Action News 103: This episode covers Docker Hub getting hacked, Nextcloud 16’s new feature to prevent hacks, and France’s “secure” Telegram replacement getting hacked within an hour. Plus, who is spending $30 million a month on AWS? Docker on ARM, and some LinuxFest Northwest thoughts.
  • LINUX UnpluggedShame as a Service: Fresh back from LinuxFest Northwest, we share a few of our favorite stories and memories. Plus, our concerns with Purism’s new subscription services, Fedora 30 is released, and we spin up the Distro Hoppers.
  • User ErrorAbandoned Support: This episode covers why Linux doesn’t just work on all hardware, criticism of your field, and the ethics of acquiring old software. Plus, venturing outside and how we install unusual applications.


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