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Weekly Update 3-25-2019

Posted on March 25, 2019 by Anthony James Founder/CEOAnthony James Founder/CEO

    We have updates on our Cloud Playground, information over Azure and its rotating door of exams, and a new slew of teasers both for our new Linux Academy for Business platform as well as updates to the Linux Academy platform for all of our students.

    Cloud Playground: Come and Play

    We’ve been talking about the Windows Server 2019 Cloud Playground for the past few weeks, and now, it is 100% ready for you to use. Open a new instance and play with Windows Server however you want, learning by creating and breaking things in your personal sandbox.

    Azure Launches and Up-Coming Content

    Azure is retiring the Azure exams AZ 100 and AZ 101. Those who are interested in registering for these exams can do so until March 31st, after that, they will no longer be available. These two exams are being retired in preparation for the AZ 103 exam. But don’t worry, the only things changing are the exams, not Azure, so everything you’ve been doing to prepare will still be useful for the new exam.

    All of the information we have created for the AZ 100 and AZ 101 exams are launching next month, and we’ve already started preparing new content for the AZ 103 exam. I would love to show this information off to you all by having the AZ 103 course up as a preview, but to do that, I’ll need your help to convince Terry to do so. Help me persuade him by messaging him over on Twitter.

    Until then, we have new, live Azure labs up and running for you:

    • Develop with Webjobs in Azure
    • Create an Azure Web App
    • Working with Azure Key Vault

    Along with these new courses and updates, we have four new, free podcasts up over on Jupiter Broadcasting. Go take a look; there is sure to be something that interests you:

    • Choose Linux — Linux Gaming Report and Purism Librem 15: Jason explores the state of Steam gaming on 9 different Linux distributions; find out how Fedora compares to Pop!_OS; plus, first impressions of Purism’s brand new Librem 15 v4 laptop.
    • Coder Radio — Their Rules, Your Choice: We join the fight between Apple and Spotify, debate the meaning of ‘fair play’ in the App Store and the browser wars, and provides thoughts on the lessons learned from the 737 MAX, an Elastic Beanstalk PSA, and more!
    • LINUX UnpluggedNetflix’s Gift to Linux: Developers at Netflix are creating the next set of superpowers for Linux, plus some good Debian news, our tips for better battery life, and we play a little Hot SUSE Potato.
    • User Error — Faith in Microsoft: Discussing if we should cut Microsoft some slack, the pace of technological change, and what a couple of common terms actually mean. Plus Joe fails to convince the others about his favorite movie, and one of the deepest questions that you can ask.

    Updates for All Students 

    What can all of our students look forward to in April? Well,  we have a few things for you:

    • Notes feature: Will allow students to create notes while working on a course. This new feature will support writing in markdown while you take notes.
    • Flashcard forking: Will allow students to split up flashcards into smaller groups.
    • Autoplay: Currently supported on our IOS and Android mobile platforms, and will soon be coming to our desktop version.

    Just for Business Users

    For our Linux Academy for Business users, we have exciting news. We are happy to introduce Licenses Rotation! Licenses rotation  allows businesses to:

    • Rotation members on and off of your team, letting them take their information without being locked into that license.
    • Set users as active, de-activated, or remove them from your Linux Academy organization without deleting their progress.
    • Reactivate diactivated users after 90 days.

    By rotating licenses, instead of attaching a license to an account, you save money by keeping your licenses in circulation within your company, never having to attach a license to a specific account. This also allows anyone who leaves your organization to keep their account and all of their information, which they can transfer to a personal account.


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