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Linux Academy Weekly Update 3-11-2019

Posted on March 11, 2019 by Anthony James Founder/CEOAnthony James Founder/CEO

Hello everyone, this month we have a lot going on in our preparations for our April launches. Not only for upgrades and updates to our current platform, but also for course releases and items that we are testing. Let’s jump right into what we have going on.

Cloud Playground and Cloud Sandbox Updates!

Right now, Linux Academy is working hard to create two new sandboxes for you to play in. What are they? Kali Linux and Windows Server! That’s right, here in the next month you will be able to create, build, test, and break your own Kali Linux and Windows servers in the Linux Academy Playground.

New Labs and Content!

Along with things waiting in the wings, we have new courses ready for you today! We have launched 11 new Google Hands-On Labs and plan on having 17 in total ready by the end of the week. You all were also able to help me over on Twitter spam the wonderful Terry into releasing the Introduction to Python course early. It is up and running, ready for you to dive into!

One of our biggest updates this month, though, has to be the Community Edition Filter, which we created for our Community Edition students. This new filter allows you to check out all of the free Linux Academy content using an account that requires absolutely no payment information. All you have to sign up, use the filter, and it will take you to all of our free content to get you started on your learning journey.

We also have new podcast episodes releasing this week, and every week, all of which are totally free! Head over to Jupiter Broadcasting to take a listen to these awesome shows:

  • Choose Linux — Fedora Challenge and NextCloudPI: The distro challenges rolls on with Fedora Workstation.
  • Coder Radio — Rusty Rubies: Mike breaks down what it takes to build a proper iOS build server, and leaves the familiar shallows of Debian for the open waters of openSUSE.
  • Linux Action NewsEpisode 95: We sift through Mobile World Congress, discuss the Thunderclap vulnerability, say goodbye to Koroa, find a reason to checkout GRUB nightlies, and go over how Android aims to kill passwords once and for all.
  • LINUX UnpluggedDirty Home Directories: We reveal all and look at the mess that is our home directories.
  • TechSNAP — Proper Password Procedures: We review poor password practices that are common at many utility providers, and hash out why salts are essential to proper password storage.
  • User Error — Disturbing Messages: How to deal with Internet drama in the Linux world, the rise of live streaming, and disturbing people with messages and calls.

Additional Items Just Released:

April is Going to be Huge

In April, Linux Academy will be releasing multiple course releases and platform updates, and I don’t want you to miss out. Over the next few weeks, we will be pre-announcing a lot of content and platform updates coming to Linux Academy throughout April, so make sure to keep up with our blog and video releases.

April Course Launch Teasers

We have two Kubernetes Certification courses coming:

  • Kubernetes Certified Administrator rebuild. At Linux Academy, we like to keep our courses up-to-date. Sometimes we can update videos in-line, other times we have to rebuild the course from top to bottom. With how much Kubernetes has been changing, it was time for a total rebuild, and it’s launching in April!
  • Kubernetes Certified Developer will be a brand new course at Linux Academy launching in April!

We have over 20 course launches happening in April, and I’ll keep teasing about them as we move on, so be sure to check out the Linux Academy Weekly Updates!

April Linux Academy For Business Platform Launch Teaser

We’ve been hard at work building a brand new Linux Academy for Business platform. I’m happy to say that it is launching at the beginning of April! Here is a quick preview of one of our new features called Analytics.


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