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A Message from our CEO/Founder, Anthony James

Posted on June 1, 2018 by Anthony James Founder/CEOAnthony James Founder/CEO

A message from Anthony James our Founder and CEO:
I believe that we must all be on a mission greater than ourselves. I set out to start Linux Academy, yes because I love the technology, but most of all because I believed it could change thousands of people’s lives in a HUGE way.
To help others, though, the mission must be bigger than one person. It can’t be about what I want or what I like. The mission has to be about others. And we have to mean it, not just chant it.
This week, the 100+ Linux Academy staff selected five core values, from a pool that the whole company created, as our mission. What they chose made me very proud and reassures me. Even though we have grown, we are still focused on the right things. The mission of helping others, what we set out to do in the beginning, is still the at the heart of the team. I’m happy to share with you what they came up with:

  • We support others in their mission to learn and grow
  • We are committed to changing the world by changing lives
  • We believe in the curiosity to learn, the vulnerability to try, the persistence to succeed, and the strength of the community
  • We put our students’ futures first
  • We dedicate ourselves to pushing the boundaries of online learning

My message to you? Be on a mission greater than yourself. The ultimate thing you can do is change one person’s life. Change one life, and you change the world.
We Are Linux Academy
Anthony James, CEO/Founder of Linux Academy


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