You can now have access to all our video courses, flash cards, and community features free for 7 days when you sign up for a Linux Academy account. Here’s just a few of the features you can start using:

Unlimited Access to Courses

We have over 500 hours of in-depth video content and you get access to all of it! Our video courses are taught by experienced Linux and cloud professionals. You’ll learn about real engineering — not just how to perform tasks, but how to think critically and determine why certain techniques and actions are better than others.

We offer certification courses that prepare you for specific certification exams, while other courses help you learn new techniques and technologies not required for certification, but essential for everyday work. Get started with a course now.

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Join the Community

Our instructors are very active within the community, answering questions and giving advice. You can also meet other students and discuss Linux and cloud technology.

In the community section, you’ll have a profile that displays your certifications and certificates of completion for all to see. You can view leaderboards and compete to create the most useful and popular flash card decks, or use the reputation system to find the best decks for your studies.

Learn with Flash Cards

Flash cards are a powerful study tool and you can create your own decks of flash cards and associate them with specific courses. Using flash cards helps you to remember what you learn, because you’re presented with the information in a different order every time.

You can share your flash cards and decks and use cards and decks made by our instructors and other students. This way, you’ll always have fresh questions to help you study.

Schedule a Course

Our Course Scheduler feature allows you to pick a course and set a time frame to complete it so that you can make regular progress.

To create a course schedule, you can specify how many hours you have available for training each day of the week. Then we create a custom training schedule to fit your availability.

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Get Started

To start your free 7-day trial, create an account, browse our course catalog, and use our Course Scheduler feature to set your custom training schedule.

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12 responses to “Try Linux Academy FREE for 7 Days”

  1. fadi says:

    i wanted to try your 7 day trail but it is asking for credit card. will i be charge anything because it say “0$ for 7 days then some amount for 1 year subscription”


  2. Karanbir Singh says:

    Hey, I didn’t access any content but cancelled the subscription 4hrs late of the ending of my trial period. Will I get my refund

  3. Dibel says:

    Hello, Is possible to Earn a Certificate of Completion within the trial period? is there some limitiation in case it´s possible? Many thanks. Diego B.

  4. prerna gupta says:

    Hi ,

    I was trying to take 7days free trial for linux academy course … So i gave my credit card details … But as i have done my payment , Instead of free trial money has been deducted from my account . I do not want to take subscription and want to cancel the subscription and want refund.

    Please Help!

  5. Saransh says:


    I enrolled in a 7 day trial period with a monthly subscription for later but I was directly charged the monthly fee at the beginning of trial period itself. I would like to try this first for the trial period then would like to see if I want this on a monthly basis.

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