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The Story of Pinehead the Penguin Part 2 | Adventures of Pinehead Comic

Posted on September 7, 2018 by OliviaOlivia

Welcome back to the Adventures of Pinehead!

Did you miss part 1 of The Story of Pinehead the Penguin?
In case you’re unfamiliar, we’d like to introduce you to our mascot, Pinehead the Penguin. Get to know him through “The Story of Pinehead the Penguin,” laugh with him and his friends (and enemies) about Linux and cloud technologies, and go on a crazy adventure or two. Check back monthly to see what Pinehead is up to!

Are you on the same journey as Pinehead to become a Linux master? Develop your Linux and cloud skills at Linux Academy! Start your 7-day free trial or learn how to scale up your IT and DevOps teams to get started on your journey.


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2 years ago

Very interesting! Thank you! 🙂

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