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2018 has been a year of substantial growth and production for us, and we’re just getting started. We’ve already released 70+ new Courses, Challenges, and hands-on Leaning activities, and have 150+ more to come in July!

Through our students’ requests, we’re making courses and interactive training that caters to what they need and want to learn. One area we’ve recently exploded in is Google Cloud. We now have the most Google Cloud training on the planet! From Learning Paths and Courses to Hands-On Labs and How-To Guides, not only do we have the most Google Cloud content quantity, but also the highest Google Cloud content quality.

Check out our Google Cloud training below and start your 7-day free trial to start learning new Google Cloud skills today!


Hands-On Labs:

Our labs combine practical real-world situations with a live environment for you to get hands-on with. Apply what you’re learning by taking actions in actual environments to develop the skills you need to understand the concepts better.

Interactive Training:

With Interactive Diagrams, Quests, Challenges, and Learning Activities you learn in a hands-on and engaging way assess your skills, and complete training exercises to fill your knowledge gaps. Google-Cloud-Certified-Professional-Data-Engineer

  • Google App Engine Overview
  • Google App Engine in the Real World
  • Exploring Google App Engine
  • Setting up a Google App Engine Project
  • Building Your Application in Google App Engine
  • Extending Google App Engine Applications
  • Migrating Your Application from a Standard Environment to a Flexible Environment
  • Testing Your Google App Engine Application
  • Managing Google App Engine Projects
  • Google Cloud IAM and Security
  • Google Cloud VPC Security Essentials
  • Securing the Operating System
  • Securing Your Data with Google Cloud
  • Monitoring, Alerting, and Auditing within the Google Cloud
  • Google Cloud Encryption Options
  • Google Cloud Function Deep Dive Interactive Diagram


How-To Guides:

Technical, in-depth training guides created by our Course Authors and our expert community. Learn the newest tips and technologies thought step-by-step guides. There’s always more to learn!



Self-paced, interactive video courses on every Linux, Cloud,  AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Security, DevOps, Containers, OpenStack and BigData topic. Learn about real engineering –  not just how to perform tasks, but how to think critically and why certain techniques and actions are better than others.

Google Certified Professional – Cloud Architect – Part 1 

Google Certified Professional – Cloud Architect – Part 2 

Google Certified Professional – Cloud Architect – Part 3

Google Cloud Platform for the AWS User

Google App Engine Deep Dive

Google Container Engine 

Google Cloud Security Essentials

Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer


Google Cloud Essentials

Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer

Google Kubernetes Engine Deep Dive

Learning Paths:

Google Certified Professional – Cloud Architect




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