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We invited a Linux Academy student, Clint, to the blog to talk about learning, his journey in tech, and switching careers. His journey begins here!

While many of my peers appeared to have career paths reaching fruition in their mid-forties, I found myself underpaid, overworked, stagnating, and burned-out with the employer I had relied upon for the prior 20 years of my life.  Unfortunately, changing jobs in my current field of expertise was virtually impossible, as I had previously taken the bait and signed a non-compete clause.  I felt as though I were an indentured servant with no chance of escape until retirement, which was another 20 to 25 years away.  Besides, changing employers in my current industry would have most likely brought the same set of frustrations, except without the tenure and vacation time I had earned for the past 20 years.  I considered changing industries, but this would only land me in an entry-level position as a trainee who must again learn the ropes.  With a wife and children to consider, the salary cut that most beginner positions entail was not an option.  I could not afford to start over again and train for a level of expertise that would not pay off until 15 to 20 years later.  I needed to make a change while taking a step upward, but how?
Through the advice of an old friend, I discovered Linux Academy’s online training courses, which offer skills relevant to the IT industry’s most cutting edge innovations.  Unlike earning a new college degree, I was relieved to find that the fees were quite reasonable.  Likewise, Linux Academy’s courses are self-paced, so I am able to fit my studying in around all of my life’s competing demands. Another great feature is that I can gain the proficiency and certifications to build my resume before I begin searching in the field of my choice.  Within a short period of time, even a newbie, like myself, can purportedly seek positions in high demand without being so far behind even the most seasoned experts.
Thus far, I have completed the Linux Essentials course and am beginning to familiarize myself with AWS.  As a person who is new to the IT field, I liken the experience to traveling to a foreign country, where I must adapt to the culture and become skilled in a new language.  In the beginning it was a little overwhelming; however, in just a few weeks of submersion, I found that I was absorbing the terminology and concepts like a sponge!  Much like the way I learned my first and second languages of English and Spanish, it is a matter of time and repeated exposure that will allow me to become fluent in Linux, AWS, Red Hat, OpenStack, or any other path of my choosing.  The ability to repeat the training videos and practice exams have been invaluable, and I have also downloaded the audio tracks for listening during my daily commute.
Linux Academy has opened my eyes to new possibilities and invigorated my desire to rise to greater opportunities.  My mediocre future looked grim, indeed, until Linux Academy’s beacon shined through the clouds of my despair!  As I continue to explore the various paths offered by Linux Academy, I will zero in on the one that is right for me, and I am confident that I will find a more challenging and rewarding career.  Each day I now wake up feeling empowered with the resources that will allow me to ultimately chart out a better destination than the doldrums that I will one day leave behind.  My course is now certain with Linux Academy as I move full-steam ahead!
Please check back in periodically.  I will continue to share my experiences and successes as I move forward on my journey!


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