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Our head office is in Keller, Texas — and what’s one of the things Texas is known for? CHILI! Our employees brought out their best chili recipes to compete to become the Linux Academy Chili Champ! See the award-worthy chili recipes below.

Another topic of debate in our Keller office has been whether or not chili should have beans in it. Help us decide who is right by leaving a comment with your answer!

Do you think chili should have beans in it? 

A. Chili without beans is just a hotdog topping. Chili needs beans.

B. Beans in chili? Gross! I’ll take my chili bean-free.

Here are some honorable mentions from our Chili Cook-Off!

The votes are in!

The winner of our Chili Cook-Off is… drumroll, please… Shane Shelton! Shane is a project manager for our Development/Marketing Team!

Thank you to all of our chili chefs for bringing their greatest chili recipes for the whole office to try! They were all delicious! 


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