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As part of our effort to continue to add value for our students, we have launched the ability to use our server lab with lab servers in the Asia region!
You now have the option to select Europe, United States, and Asia. Pick the location that you are most geographically close too (as long as you are not using a VPN). This will reduce latency when working with Linux GUI based labs. Please note that this feature is just for the Linux Server labs and does not apply to our self-paced labs.
With a subscription to Linux Academy, you gain access to SIX lab servers, at no extra cost!  Gain the tools that you need to take your training to the next level.  Videos are not enough – you need hands-on experience!
Linux Academy Labs allows you to run multiple instances of distributions at once.  This gives you access to Linux environments so you don’t have to install them on a virtual machine.  You can also use this environment to practice having servers talk to each other using their unique, private IP address.
When you aren’t working on your servers, their state will be saved automatically so your hard work doesn’t go to waste.  When you come back, your server will be there waiting for you.
Linux Server Labs are just another example of why Linux Academy is the best choice for teams and individuals to learn new skills, become certified and further their careers.

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