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Search. Learn. Do: Linux Academy Has a Lab for That.

Posted on May 23, 2019 by Anthony James Founder/CEOAnthony James Founder/CEO

Linux Academy provides you with a broad array of detailed courses that cover almost every possible subject. At the same time, we also know that you may not have time to take a full course, or only need to brush up on a specific topic. That’s why at Linux Academy, we designed our hands-on labs to be “independently consumable”. What we mean by this is that you don’t have to take a course to be able to use and understand one of our hands-on labs. We created them to provide you with information on specific practices, allowing you to learn what you need to as quickly as possible without having to parse through things you may already know in a learn-by-doing method.

Think about it like this, you already know a good deal about AWS, but recently your company started working with DynamoDB, and you need to implement an automated DynamoDB backup to S3. While we do have full courses on AWS and DynamoDB that have this information in them, that’s not what you need.  What you need is a quick hands-on lab that teaches you (and provides resources for) how to automate backing up DynamoDB with Lambda and CloudWatch events and teaches you the why, the when, and then the how. That same hands-on lab provides you with an AWS environment to practice the scenario safely, so you can make mistakes while learning in a non-production environment. Another huge plus for hands-on labs is that the scenarios aren’t made up, but real-life situations that our staff at Linux Academy have come across.

Linux Academy has over 700 hands-on labs that are exactly like this, including labs on serverless, Linux, security, containers, Azure, Google, Kubernetes, big data, and learning Python. Chances are if you need to do something, we probably have a hands-on lab that teaches you how so you can learn-by-doing it in less than an hour.

Let me show you how learn-by-doing works using the DynamoDB scenario.

Step 1: To find a lab for our needed criteria, we need to search the keywords for what we need to accomplish, in this case, “DynamoDB backups”. 


Step 2: Having completed the search, we can view the results and pick the lab that best fits our needs (there can be lots of different scenarios that come out in our results).
Pick the most relevant result


Step 3: View the lab details and begin!

Linux Academy hands-on labs provide you with the AWS environment at no additional cost to you. You’ll notice the lab start time is instant, so you don’t spend any time waiting for the lab to launch. You’ll get right into the environment, watch the videos, and learn how to backup DynamoDB tables in a safe environment while learning by doing; the mantra at Linux Academy.
Full Lab DynamoDB Backup Detail Page


Each lab also has a series of objectives, which can be expanded, that give you more information over what you will learn during the hands-on lab. Labs also provide a diagram, videos lessons, and a written guide to help you meet those objectives. We like to attack learning from multiple angles at Linux Academy.

Even better, let’s say you want to find out what course this lab belongs to in case you want to learn more about the topic. Looking under Related Courses, you can see that it comes from the  “Automating AWS with Lambda, Python and Boto3” course. Clicking on that, you are then directed to the course page, where you can find other hands-on labs to work through.

Worried your corporate network might block your access to these labs? Rest assured, Linux Academy hands-on labs can all be 100% completed through the browser as long as you use the tools provided within the hands-on labs, like our Instant Terminal.

Think your company could benefit from these resources?

Linux Academy offers accounts for businesses that allow managers to create their own learning path assignments, assign labs, manage groups, view progress, and more. Be sure to check out our For Business page and request a demo.

With Linux Academy’s hands-on labs, you no longer have to worry about spending time on subjects you already know, and can jump right into what you need to learn. Still not convinced? Feel free to create a free Community Edition account and try some of our free hands-on labs and see for yourself just how Linux Academy can help you learn by doing.


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