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Pick Your Path – Tools to Help You Choose

Posted on January 23, 2017 by SeanGaulinSeanGaulin

No matter where you’re at in your IT journey, we’ve got a range of courses that is constantly growing and includes something for everyone. This massive selection can be a challenge all it’s own, however, especially for students new to IT who may not even know where to start! Luckily for you, the Linux Academy is here to help. We’ve got several tools to help you make a decision and know that everything you’re learning is another step on your journey in Linux and cloud computing expertise!

Recommended for You

Right on the dashboard, we keep a list of recommended courses. This is an intelligent system that recommends courses related to the ones you’ve recently been working on or completed. Check here for some quick suggestions on courses that you might find useful or interesting.
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Course Difficulty

All of our courses are categorized into different sections, from Linux to AWS to Containers. Each of these sections then categorizes the courses by difficulty with Beginner level courses at the top, followed by Intermediate and Advanced courses as you scroll down the page. Use this to look for courses that match your experience and knowledge. You don’t want to accidentally start on an Advanced course when you’re still learning the fundamentals!
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Learning Paths

Perhaps the most useful long-term tool when deciding on what to learn, Learning Paths are collections of courses that help you work towards a goal. Each Learning Path has an ordered list of courses to help guide you on what is the next course to take in pursuit of the Learning Path Goal. You can enroll in a Learning Path and it will automatically track your progress and shows the next course up automatically when you finish a course in the path. There are beginner paths, intermediate paths, senior/expert paths, and technology/position-focused paths, as well. Additional paths are added occasionally, so be sure to check back periodically to see what new paths are available! Team and Enterprises can also make and assign custom Learning Paths.

Path Examples

What’s Next

Located at the bottom of each course, this section has suggestions for what Courses or Nuggets you should check out once you’ve completed the one you’re in. So if you just finished the Linux Essentials course, you might want to pursue a Linux+ certification or watch a nugget on Understanding Linux Permissions to solidify your understanding.
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Linux Academy Community

And, of course, the most valuable resource of all, the Linux Academy Community! Made up of fellow students and your course instructors, if you ever find yourself lost or uncertain, post a question and we’ll make sure you get the help you need! Our instructors are incredibly passionate and knowledgeable and we all love to see our students progress and grow! Let us help guide you on your journey and then you can come back and help guide others as you gain experience!

Bonus Tips

With all of these tools, you can be sure that you’ll never be lost (or at least not for long!) as you become an expert in your path of choice! As an extra bonus, here is a few helpful tips for anyone getting started with the Linux Academy:

  • Begin with the Linux Essentials course. Even if your goal is to work in cloud computing with AWS or Azure, chances are you’ll need to know or work with Linux in some fashion eventually. Linux Essentials will teach you the fundamentals you need for those situations and give you a rock solid foundation to build on if you decide to pursue Linux Administration or DevOps, as well.
  • If you’re looking to get started with a new technology or category, look for an ‘Essentials’ or ‘Concepts’ course on that topic. There are many available and each one will help introduce you to the topic. Once you know the essentials, it is much easier to dive into the more complex or certification-focused courses.
  • When trying to decide between similar certifications, try doing a job search in the area you want to work and make a note of which certifications or technologies have more results and go from there. If you are working towards a promotion, you could also ask your supervisor or coworkers which would be the most valuable for your goals.
  • Don’t feel like you need to know everything! Linux and cloud computing are constantly changing and nobody is an expert in everything. Start with the general fundamentals, then do some research and try out different essentials courses to decide on a technology or area to dive deep into. Focus on mastering a few, being familiar with several, and know the basics of many.
  • There is demand for all kinds of different technologies, so there is no ‘wrong’ choice when it comes to certifications and courses. Pick what you think you would enjoy and be good at. Make that your focus.
  • Finally, as mentioned in the Community portion, if you feel lost or uncertain, don’t be afraid to reach out for help! Everyone needs some assistance once in a while, so don’t worry if you’re having problems. Get some help to push through it and you’ll be back on track before you know it!


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Fidel Apolonio
3 years ago

This post made me so motivated to pursue my dream “The Linux path”. Thanks author 🙂

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