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Our New Business Platform: Free Administrative Licenses

Posted on March 15, 2019 by Anthony James Founder/CEOAnthony James Founder/CEO

In April, we are launching some major platform updates including a revamped Linux Academy for Business platform for our customers. Over the past few months, we’ve worked directly with our customers and our customer success team to build a platform for our business customers specifically for managing their teams. One of the great things about the new platform is that we’ve been building it with scale in mind. Many of our customers have thousands of licenses and students they train through our platform. For those types of setups, it’s common for students to report to different managers who are responsible for their training progress. Before, it cost an extra license to give access to managers who weren’t students themselves, taking away licenses that could be used by a student. Here at Linux Academy, we know our customers are very cost conscious and want to maximize the value they receive, so we made a change.

New Feature: Assigning License-Free Administrators and Group Administrators

I’m happy to give a preview of a new function we are launching in April for our Business platform. This update provides businesses the ability to assign license-free Administrators and Group Administrators to the platform. Now you can have as many “managers” on the platform as you need, without limits, to view and assign training to individual students, reports, or teams.

Administrators can do just about anything in Linux Academy for Business, and with our new types of administrators, you can have as many administrators on the platform as you need. When assigning administrators, you’ll get to choose between two different types:

Administrator Only

  • Does not consume a license from the licenses pool
  • Can view and find training to create and manage learning paths and training assignments
  • Can build learning paths, view analytics, and pull reporting
  • Can invite individuals to join your team’s organization
  • Can accept and deny requests to join your team’s organization on Linux Academy for Business
  • Cannot take Linux Academy training that isn’t available on Linux Academy Community Edition

Administrator + Student

  • Has all of the abilities of the Administrator Only role
  • Does take up a license from the licenses pool
  • Can take and consume all Linux Academy training and labs

Along with our two administrator roles, we’re also introducing a new role called Group Administrators. Group Administrators can manage any group they are permitted to manage without a license. They also have the option of the additional Student role, which uses a license, and allows them to take training as well.

Group Administrators

  • Can manage a group of students
  • Can create a new group and automatically become that group’s administrator
  • Can assign learning paths and training to their group and anybody who is a member of the group
  • Can share their “group join link”, which allows members to request to join the organization
  • Can view direct reports and training progress
  • Cannot approve a request to join the organization, only an Administrator Only or Administrator + Student role can do that

Are you excited yet? I know we are. Stay tuned for the next couple week for more blog posts around our upcoming Linux Academy for Business platform launch in April including our latest features: Dashboard Analytics and Assigning Training And Due Dates To Individuals And Groups! Linux Academy for Business is truly a game changer for training.

If you are looking for team training and are not yet a Linux Academy customer, learn more about Linux Academy for Business or request a demo today.


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