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New Online Training | November Content Recap

Posted on November 21, 2018 by OliviaOlivia

We’re proud to have released 200+ new online training Courses, Hands-On Labs, and Quizzes/Practice Exams this month on top of the 220+ we already released this year! With 28 new Courses, 47 new Quizzes/Practice Exams, 230 new Hands-On Labs, new features and platform updates, and one new Scale Your Code Episode, this was one of our best content launches yet!

Check out everything we’ve launched so far this year:

Explore our new releases and start training to develop your skills, achieve your goals, and advance your career. Our Training Architects have been hard at work creating all of this new content just for you!

New Cloud and Linux Online Training Courses:

Our Courses include hands-on training solutions and interactive diagrams to help you develop the real-world skills you need to advance your career.

certified ethical hacker course 

Kubernetes the hard way 

New Hands-On Labs and Quizzes/Practice Exams:

New Scale Your Code Episode:

With so many new updates, it’s the perfect time to help your team take their skills to the next level with our multi-cloud training platform. Start your 7-day free trial or request a demo to learn more about team accounts.


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