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With a new month upon us, we’re happy to announce our newest AWS course: Active Directory and Amazon Web Services. Taught by Stephen (Linux Essentials, Advanced AWS Security, and more), the course covers the initial setup and integration between AWS and Active Directory, using Active Directory in conjunction with AWS, and more advanced options.

What is Active Directory?

For those without a background in Microsoft, Active Directory works as a database for a Windows domain network, authenticating and authorizing users and computers within the network. Active Directory uses LDAP, DNS, and Kerberos, and costs money to license.  It requires a dedicated Windows server to run but is present in many corporate and professional spaces.

Course Overview

The course begins with an overview of Active Directory; it is important to note that no Windows systems administration knowledge is needed before taking this course. You will learn how to set up new Active Directory environments through AWS, integrate and extend current environment into AWS, and use both built-in AWS environments and instances you provisioned yourself. More advanced topics, such as creating hybrid AD environments, are also covered.
Interested in learning more? You can view the syllabus here.


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