The 2017 Women in Technology Awards honors tech leaders across diverse industries in the vibrant North Texas business community.

This year marks the fourth annual North Texas Women in Technology Awards. Nominees have a proven track record and have assisted in making pivotal decisons for their organizations – especially when it comes to the implementation or development of technology. This honor is awarded to women that are mavericks when it comes to technology and innovation, forging the way for both women and future tech leaders in Dallas-Fort Worth.

This year, Manisha Sule, our Director of Big Data Analytics, was selected as an honoree for the Dallas Business Journals’ 2017 Women in Technology Awards!

Congratulations, Manisha, on this wonderful achievement! Manisha Sule is responsible for leading the development of an integrated data vision and platform as the director of Big Data Analytics at Linux Academy. We are so proud to have you on our team!

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11 responses to “Manisha Sule, 2017 Women in Technology Honoree”

  1. Anand Shenolikar says:

    Hearty congratulations Manisha, keep it up !!

  2. Thiago says:

    Really nice!

  3. tulika gupta says:


  4. Irving says:

    Congratulations it is so rewarding to see women taking up a prominent role in the IT industry and being pioneers.

  5. Aniket Sinkar says:


  6. Niels Vanderbeke says:

    We need more woman IT!

  7. Daniel Hernandez says:


  8. John Dombrowski says:

    Congrats! I’m part of a group that get’s female HS Students involved in IT during high school. Maybe someday we won’t have the stigma that IT is a male profession (or we’ll lessen the stigma).

  9. Manisha Sule says:

    Thank you all for the overwhelming support and encouragement! This success is the team’s as much as it is mine!

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