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Last month, we had the pleasure to support Texas Linux Fest. One thing that makes Linux festivals special is simply witnessing the importance of community. Interacting with individuals that share a similar passion with you sparks a special feeling that you really can’t replicate. At Texas Linux Fest, we could definitely feel this in the open source air, especially when we brought out Linux Trivia!
So sure, the internet connects us with millions of beautiful people from around the globe but it just doesn’t feel the same as sitting down with your friends to share a toast, laugh in unison, or just to have the sense of togetherness.
Creating Community
Finding friends in your immediate area to share the love for Linux and the Open Source community can seem scarce. It can even be impossible at times. Let’s face it, your local pub probably doesn’t host a weekly Linux-themed trivia night. (If you do, that’s awesome and we’d love for you to comment below with your meetup to help others find it!). But if not, why not host one yourself? We’ll even help you get started!
Linux TriviaFor all this and more, we’ve prepared a Linux Trivia powerpoint for you to use. Help spread the open source and Linux love around in your community. Whether you’re creating this new community or finding them, be sure to embrace it and celebrate that bond. After all, we all learn from each other, right?
Create new friendships, share some laughs, learn some Linux tips & commands, and interact with each other through a friendly competition.
Don’t forget to let us know how the event goes, cheers to open source & community!
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Linux Trivia Question Examples

  • Which of the following was the first feature major motion picture produced entirely on Linux servers?
  • Which language is the primary language that the Linux kernel and its modules were (and still are) written in?
  • You want to locate all known commands that are associated with a key word. Which of the following commands would you use with that key word?



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